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About Us

The Tamis Art Glass Company was established in 2006 by Robert H. Tamis, MD,
after he saw Ted Sawyer’s work of painting with glass at the Bullseye Gallery in Portland, Oregon. "I became enchanted with glass after watching glass blowing at Icefire Glassworks in Cannon Beach, Oregon. The colors and shapes created by working with glass made me feel that I could incorporate glass into sculptured silver or gold pieces, expanding the range of what I could achieve.

Then, one day in 2006, I saw Ted Sawyer’s work of painting with glass at the Bullseye Gallery in Portland, Oregon and it transformed my vision. Working with glass, layering painted images upon painted images, I can create depth I could never achieve on canvas, as I have trouble imagining and creating a third dimension that I was able to do in sculpture. "

His love for creating with glass only grew over the years enchanting children and grand children to carry on the works he started.

Our studio is dedicated to creating high quality works of glass art that is both unique, interesting and in most cases, stretching the bounds of our imagination. 

Our mantras around the shop is "glass in motion" and "Dancing Glass". as we like incorporating optical illusions and "hidden nuggets" in our work for others to discover as they gaze. "I hope someone who has one of our pieces for 20 years still finds new images and transformations that make the piece truly a living piece" states Marc Tamis, Roberts son who joined the studio in 2021 and is the current curator. "The piece should change based on light, angle, and perspective giving it a fluid look and feel to the present mood of the room". Glass has so many different characteristics, they become endless in how our can use them together to create these subtleties.

We hope to achieve art that you can enjoy for generations, finding new and interesting things in the piece as times goes on, ability for you to change the feel of the piece to suit your needs. and simply sit back and relax and enjoy.

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